Hello 31!

Happy 31st birthday to me! My family and friends know how much I love to celebrate my birthday, so much that I make it a point of celebrating all month long! Growing up, my parents always threw amazing birthday parties for my brother and me, so I suppose that sentimental memory stuck with me all … Continue reading Hello 31!

Ms. August | Meet Emily Elizabeth LeBlanc

Happy August ladies! A new month, a new feature and this time we put the spotlight on Ms. Emily Elizabeth LeBlanc! Emily and I met 5 years ago, on a Skype call when my brother introduced her as his girlfriend to the family - that was a shock 🙂 When I left my job in … Continue reading Ms. August | Meet Emily Elizabeth LeBlanc

Ms. July | Meet Jasmin Haas

It's summer and I can't think of a better way to start this month than my spotlighting my best friend, Jasmin Haas! The story of our friendship started in 2011 when I started my new job at InterContinental Abu Dhabi. She worked in Sales, I worked in Events so we often collaborated together on projects and … Continue reading Ms. July | Meet Jasmin Haas

Ms. June | Meet Biljana Milic

Happy June ladies! I have decided to start a new project for my "Ladies Corner" which will highlight one special lady every month who has made a difference in my life. The aim of this project is to spread as much empowerment as possible and in a way to bring us all together. Although we … Continue reading Ms. June | Meet Biljana Milic