Discover Serbia | Vrnjačka Banja

My never-ending quest to uncover the beauty of Serbia has recently led me to a spa town called Vrnjačka Banja, where I spent 3 days immersing both mind and soul in the bountiful nature. Geographically the town is located 200km south of Belgrade, in the south-central region called Raška (the centre of the Serbian Kingdom in … Continue reading Discover Serbia | Vrnjačka Banja

a hill, like no other.

After a long weekend visiting my grandparents in the countryside, I felt my inner travel bug calling, yearning for an adventure, for a new discovery. Luckily,  I'm very blessed to have incredible parents who share a sense of travel and adventure like me, so rather than driving the boring route back to Belgrade, we packed our bags, … Continue reading a hill, like no other.