Girly cafes in Abu Dhabi

Good morning lovelies! It is no secret that I'm a girly girl. I love to dress up, I love elegance, I love princess stories, and obviously, I love everything pink. I also love spending time with my besties in beautiful places, so here is a list of my favourite girly cafés you can enjoy with … Continue reading Girly cafes in Abu Dhabi

Cute Cafés in Abu Dhabi

Being European, café culture runs in my veins, and we take our rendez-vouses very seriously. Whether its to snuggle up with a great book while sipping on warm tea, or spend time with friends and loved ones, cafés are homey places which bring people together. Abu Dhabi is filled with incredible concepts - international and local, … Continue reading Cute Cafés in Abu Dhabi

Top 15 | Belgrade’s coolest cafes

There is no shortage of quirky cafes, exotic restaurants and vibrant nightlife venues in Belgrade's ever growing food and beverage scene. One of my favourite things to do when I visit, is to endlessly stroll the streets and discover the newest unique concepts.  As I love sharing my discoveries with my readers, I have decided … Continue reading Top 15 | Belgrade’s coolest cafes