Guest Post | Discover Thailand

Good morning fellow readers! My close friend has recently returned from an incredible trip to Thailand and couldn't wait to share her experience with me. Hearing all of the amazing things she has encountered in paradise, I thought it was a good idea for her to share the experience with you all. So here it … Continue reading Guest Post | Discover Thailand

Happy New Year fellow readers! I hope that you have celebrated a fantastic ending to 2015, and welcomed the new year surrounded with loved ones and full of happiness! Looking back to 1st January 2015, I was surrounded by the love of my family and excited about what the new year would bring......well it turned … Continue reading

istanbul part 3: spontaneity is the essence of life

What happens when two women don't pay attention in traffic? Well, usually chaos - however our mini chaos turned out to be an extremely enriching and exciting adventure. As usual, we started our day with a scrumptious Turkish breakfast and planned to spend the larger part of our day exploring Topkapi Palace; which according to … Continue reading istanbul part 3: spontaneity is the essence of life

istanbul part 2: sultanahmet district

Our second day started with the most beautiful sunshine, warmth and Turkish breakfast (which became our ritual for the next few days). We planned to visit the historical sights of Sultanahmet District which is a few tram stops away from our hotel. The tram system in Istanbul is highly commendable and extremely easy to use. It is … Continue reading istanbul part 2: sultanahmet district

istanbul: where the east meets the west

Today's postcard is a flashback to a special trip taken earlier this year. My mum and I visited Istanbul in March to celebrate my birthday, and despite the chilly weather, we had an incredible time. Known as the magical meeting place between the East and West, Istanbul has been a traveler's dream for centuries, and so I am … Continue reading istanbul: where the east meets the west

the magic of winter

Having lived in Africa throughout our childhood, my brother and I never considered winter to be a magical season. Our festive holidays were spent tanning by the swimming pool - the furthest thing you can imagine from snow! It wasn't until I moved to Switzerland for university, when I got my real first taste of winter. … Continue reading the magic of winter

Discover Serbia | Ada Ciganlija

What I love about Belgrade is how diverse it is, catering to every type of interest all year long.  If you enjoy culture, history, shopping, gastronomy, sightseeing - Belgrade has it all! Tonight's postcard however explores a calmer part of Belgrade, an oasis of recreation and relaxation. Located on a small peninsula in the centre of … Continue reading Discover Serbia | Ada Ciganlija

Discover Serbia | Kosančić Circle

Today's postcard comes to you from, Kosančić Circle, a historical area located just a walk away from the Kalemegdan fortress and Sava river. Named after an epic hero who died fighting in Kosovo in 1389, this charming quarter holds deep historical importance to the development of Belgrade in the 19th century and is a favourite among … Continue reading Discover Serbia | Kosančić Circle

Ajvar | a jar of comfort

If you visit Belgrade during the autumn season, you will notice the smoky smell of roasted peppers which fills the air. Amidst the fallen leaves which create a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours over the city, that overpowering smell can only mean one thing: it's ajvar season. Ajvar is a savoury relish made from roasted red peppers across … Continue reading Ajvar | a jar of comfort

what is a slava?

 If you have a Serbian friend or have visited Serbia, you probably have heard the word "Slava" mentioned at least once. Having just returned from the Slava of my relatives, I realised its time to share a little bit more about this special tradition. By definition, Slava is a Serbian Orthodox Christian tradition of commemorating a family's patron … Continue reading what is a slava?

United Arab Emirates | an eternal love

Today marks exactly 5 years since I first arrived in the land of glitter and gold, the United Arab Emirates, and so I am very pleased to share with you my own personal kaleidoscope of memories from this beautiful country. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit yet, the UAE is … Continue reading United Arab Emirates | an eternal love

Discover Serbia | Zemun

Happy Monday my dear fellow readers! If you live in the northern hemisphere like me, you have probably switched back your clocks one hour and acknowledge that winter is officially coming soon! Nevertheless, snuggle up and enjoy today's postcard from Zemun, one of the most historical and beautiful neighborhoods in Belgrade. A short but rich history lesson first: Zemun's … Continue reading Discover Serbia | Zemun

Discover Serbia| Savamala

Belgrade has always been Europe's gateway between East and West and is defined by diverse history and influence of cultures. So what have I been doing lately? Well...getting lost in all it's charms of course, and this time I explored one of Belgrade's oldest neighborhoods: Savamala. Located south of the Kalemegdan fortress and stretching along the Sava … Continue reading Discover Serbia| Savamala

Discover Serbia | Skadarlija

Happy Sunday dear readers! As I am enjoying the sunshine on a crisp autumn afternoon, I hope you will enjoy today's postcard from Skadarlija - Belgrade's charming Bohemian quarter. A charming cobblestone street filled with old fashioned restaurants which have been in the same place for over 150 years, Skadarlija, is the Montmartre of Belgrade - and … Continue reading Discover Serbia | Skadarlija

Discover Germany | Wiesbaden

My parents and I took a recent trip down memory lane to the charming city of Wiesbaden, located in Hessen, Germany.  For many years, Wiesbaden was the centre point for us while travelling home for the summer holidays, however we never spent too much time in tourism, as we did in shopping.  This trip however, was quite … Continue reading Discover Germany | Wiesbaden

Discover Montenegro| Kotor and Tivat

Two weeks have passed by since our summer holiday in Montenegro and after filtering over 300 pictures, tonight, I am pleased to share a special postcard from our day trip to the medieval town of Kotor, and luxurious Porto Montenegro in Tivat. Arriving to Kotor around midday, we were greeted by a mesmerizing MSC cruise line just about … Continue reading Discover Montenegro| Kotor and Tivat

Montenegro’s Best Beaches

Sitting here in cold and rainy Europe has made me miss the beach days spent in Montenegro, so today's postcard comes to you from the beaches of the Budva Riviera. Our first beach experience was at Jaz beach which is located a 10 minute drive away from Budva city centre. Passing through the winding roads you catch a glimpse … Continue reading Montenegro’s Best Beaches

A Summer Adventure in Montenegro

Hello fellow readers! I realise that it has been one month since my last post so, I certainly hope the next few will make up for the silence! After a hot and steamy summer spent discovering Serbia and my quick getaway to Berlin - I ended the official summer season with my fabulous travel partner, … Continue reading A Summer Adventure in Montenegro

Discover Serbia | Mokra Gora

During our recent visit to Zlatibor, we passed by a village called Mokra Gora (Wet Mountain) to experience a trip back in time. Mokra Gora is located on the slopes of the Zlatibor mountain and is popular today because it is home to the authentic narrow railway called Sargan 8 and ethno village, Drvengrad (Timber Town). … Continue reading Discover Serbia | Mokra Gora

Discover Serbia | Zlatibor

Why do city dwellers escape to the mountains during the weekends? Well I will tell you why - to find restoration which they lose from living in tall buildings and polluted air.  Today's postcard features our recent trip to Zlatibor, a mountainous region located in South Western Serbia. Starting our journey from Belgrade at 7:00am, we … Continue reading Discover Serbia | Zlatibor