Ms. September | Meet Natascha Trittis

Summer is almost over and the beautiful autumn months will soon start to cool down the earth, and change nature's colours. Today is a special day as I am delighted to introduce my best friend, Natascha Trittis as our Ms. September ( it is also her birthday 🙂 ). Natascha and I met in 2007 … Continue reading Ms. September | Meet Natascha Trittis

Discover Germany | Heidelberg through the eyes of 3 travellers

Heidelberg is one of the most charming cities in Germany, with its beautiful Neckar River promenade, picturesque old bridges, and Renaissance castle ruins. The city is a tourist haven thanks to its famous universities and colleges, historic sights and wide range of dining experiences. When I visited my brother, who was studying there a few … Continue reading Discover Germany | Heidelberg through the eyes of 3 travellers

Top 15 | Belgrade’s coolest cafes

There is no shortage of quirky cafes, exotic restaurants and vibrant nightlife venues in Belgrade's ever growing food and beverage scene. One of my favourite things to do when I visit, is to endlessly stroll the streets and discover the newest unique concepts.  As I love sharing my discoveries with my readers, I have decided … Continue reading Top 15 | Belgrade’s coolest cafes

Discover Serbia | Novi Sad

Novi Sad, Serbia's second largest city, is located 1 hour north of Belgrade in the fertile region of Vojvodina. The city was the epitome of culture and finesse, earning it the name "Serbian Athens", where every Serbian poet, writer, artist, painter and journalist once lived or worked. Novi Sad flourished in the 18th century under … Continue reading Discover Serbia | Novi Sad

Discover Italy | Florence

I have visited many beautiful Italian cities, each one with it's own charm and importance, however it wasn't until this summer when I stepped foot into Florence, that I was captivated by the city. For those who do not know (yet), I am very passionate about history - I simply love to learn about the … Continue reading Discover Italy | Florence

Ms. August | Meet Emily Elizabeth LeBlanc

Happy August ladies! A new month, a new feature and this time we put the spotlight on Ms. Emily Elizabeth LeBlanc! Emily and I met 5 years ago, on a Skype call when my brother introduced her as his girlfriend to the family - that was a shock 🙂 When I left my job in … Continue reading Ms. August | Meet Emily Elizabeth LeBlanc

Discover Italy | Pisa

My family and I enjoyed a day trip to Pisa to see it's world renowned "Leaning Tower", located only 50 minutes away from Florence by train. At first sight, the Tuscan town is like any other in the region, set against a backdrop of vivid greenery, low lying buildings and a long medieval history. Upon arrival … Continue reading Discover Italy | Pisa

Charming Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre (five lands) is one of the most charming and colourful regions of Italy, located along the North Western coast of Liguria. The remoteness of the cliff-side fishing towns, paved a relaxed and easygoing way of life for the local residents, until the tourism boom hit a few years ago. The region today … Continue reading Charming Cinque Terre

My Bucket List | 50 before 50

Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller - Ibn Battuta This is one of my all time favourite quotes, which I only truly understood the real meaning of, a few years ago. Travel has always been in my blood, and from an early age, my parents dedicated every summer holiday to … Continue reading My Bucket List | 50 before 50

Ms. July | Meet Jasmin Haas

It's summer and I can't think of a better way to start this month than my spotlighting my best friend, Jasmin Haas! The story of our friendship started in 2011 when I started my new job at InterContinental Abu Dhabi. She worked in Sales, I worked in Events so we often collaborated together on projects and … Continue reading Ms. July | Meet Jasmin Haas

Ms. June | Meet Biljana Milic

Happy June ladies! I have decided to start a new project for my "Ladies Corner" which will highlight one special lady every month who has made a difference in my life. The aim of this project is to spread as much empowerment as possible and in a way to bring us all together. Although we … Continue reading Ms. June | Meet Biljana Milic

Discover Qatar | Doha

My first encouter of Doha was in 2010 when I boarded a transit flight on Qatar Airways from Istanbul to Abu Dhabi where I was about to start a new chapter in my life. Almost 7 years later, I found myself at the same airport, only with a different sparkle in my eyes. While my … Continue reading Discover Qatar | Doha

Seychelles Itinerary | Exploring Praslin and La Digue

The Seychelles Islands archipelago represents beauty, harmony, tranquility, world famous beaches, colourful culture, and vibrant nature. During my short 5 day stay, I mixed ultimate relaxation and exploration, so here is a bit of history to start. The Seychelles Islands were officially discovered by the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama in 1503, settled by the … Continue reading Seychelles Itinerary | Exploring Praslin and La Digue

Seychelles | A trip to paradise

I always knew that I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday doing something different, memorable and amazing - and it was the perfect occasion to start ticking off my travel bucket list. Initially intended as an all-girls trip, destiny planned for me to take my first solo holiday to the Seychelles Islands and after a month … Continue reading Seychelles | A trip to paradise

Discover Serbia | Vrnjačka Banja

My never-ending quest to uncover the beauty of Serbia has recently led me to a spa town called Vrnjačka Banja, where I spent 3 days immersing both mind and soul in the bountiful nature. Geographically the town is located 200km south of Belgrade, in the south-central region called Raška (the centre of the Serbian Kingdom in … Continue reading Discover Serbia | Vrnjačka Banja

When in Serbia | Danube Cruise

A few weeks ago, you may remember my post "a hill, like no other", where I explored the bountiful nature of the Danube River from Eastern Serbia with my parents. Disappointed that we could not take a river cruise, I was on the hunt to find an alternative, and found my luck with Serbian Adventures. Offering a … Continue reading When in Serbia | Danube Cruise

Discover Macedonia | Skopje

Good morning readers! I hope you are cooling off the summer sun by indulging in a scrumptious ice cream, sipping refreshing cocktails, or lazing by a body of water. Today I am very happy to share with you a postcard about my incredible recent trip to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, which has been on … Continue reading Discover Macedonia | Skopje

a hill, like no other.

After a long weekend visiting my grandparents in the countryside, I felt my inner travel bug calling, yearning for an adventure, for a new discovery. Luckily,  I'm very blessed to have incredible parents who share a sense of travel and adventure like me, so rather than driving the boring route back to Belgrade, we packed our bags, … Continue reading a hill, like no other.

Serbia| Mount Avala

Good morning fellow readers! I am back in Serbia for the summer and have been spending my time with family, friends and of course, exploring beautiful places. One of my oldest friends visited us for a week and we couldn’t resist taking him to enjoy the beautiful nature of Serbia. I am pleased to share … Continue reading Serbia| Mount Avala

A gelato afternoon with Nonna

Everybody knows I adore ice cream. It’s no secret that where ever in the world I go, taking a break, means a visit to the “gelateria”.  There is something so emotionally satisfying with every scoop, it always connects me with my childhood. My friend Monica, made my dream come true when she invited me to … Continue reading A gelato afternoon with Nonna