Abu Dhabi Summer | Survival tips

Abu Dhabi is known to have year round sunshine making it an ideal place for tourists and residents. However, with that sunshine, also comes a gruesome summer where temperatures rise to 50 degrees Celsius and humidity levels can reach up to 90%. Having lived in this country for 7 years, adapting to these conditions, has … Continue reading Abu Dhabi Summer | Survival tips

Getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi | Part 2

Soooooo Sunday was an epic day for me, I bought my first car! Trust me when I say this - every member in my family still cannot believe this to be true! I wanted to dedicate this post to sharing my experience after getting my license because I feel that not enough people are sharing … Continue reading Getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi | Part 2

Ms. June | Meet Sahar Madani

A few months ago, I attended a conference centered around women's empowerment and had the absolute delight to hear from inspiring women. At that particular moment in my life, I was in a personal crisis, feeling lost and lacking the direction where I could find happiness, fulfillment, and questioned where my life was headed. One of … Continue reading Ms. June | Meet Sahar Madani

Getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi | Part 1

Today is a historic day! At 31 years old, I have officially completed my driving school and am now a licensed driver! And I say that with the utmost pride, because I have absolutely NEVER had any interest nor intention to drive, not to mention: strong fear of the roads. I was always very comfortable … Continue reading Getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi | Part 1

Mr. May | Meet Kris Fade

Hi everyone! Can you believe we are already almost reaching mid year - where has the time gone! I am absolutely OVER THE MOON to introduce our Mr. May, who is no stranger to almost everyone living in the UAE. The sound of his voice on the radio every morning automatically sets the tone for … Continue reading Mr. May | Meet Kris Fade

An island getaway

Last weekend, the "explorer" side of me, was itching to go on an adventure. With the temperature rising daily in the UAE (hello summer), I felt the best option was something aqua related, and so I booked the Island Beach Getaway trip through Captain Tony's. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, however here … Continue reading An island getaway

The magic of Spring

Spring is absolutely one of the most charming seasons - is there anything more beautiful than watching the trees come to life after a long gloomy winter? Or catching the scent of blooming flowers as they fill the air? Living in the UAE, has indeed, made me miss the change of seasons, however I was … Continue reading The magic of Spring

Easter | Serbian Orthodox Traditions

Good morning world! I have been home for the passed 2 weeks, and there is honestly no better feeling than spending time with family - especially with mine, since we live in literally 3 different continents. While the Catholic world celebrated Easter last week, we Orthodox celebrated it yesterday, so I thought it would be … Continue reading Easter | Serbian Orthodox Traditions

Ms. April | Meet Taghred Chandab

Happy April loves! There is something so magical about Spring, and I love being in Europe to witness the flowers coming to life, after hibernating during the cold gloomy winter. I am delighted to introduce a lady whom I have been following on Instagram since last year; a lady who skips all the B.S and … Continue reading Ms. April | Meet Taghred Chandab

Culture & History in Abu Dhabi

Did you know that Abu Dhabi is filled with cultural spots? The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the UAE knew the importance in which history and our past plays in our future, and very beautifully said: "He who does not know his past cannot make the best of his present and … Continue reading Culture & History in Abu Dhabi

Mother of the Nation Festival 2018 | Bigger, Better & More Colourful!

Last weekend, the Mother of the Nation festival officially kicked off in Abu Dhabi! This is my absolute favourite event, filled with interactive activities, nom-ilicious dining, and superb live entertainment! I was so excited when the first festival launched a few years ago (click here to refresh your memory), however this year is bigger, better, … Continue reading Mother of the Nation Festival 2018 | Bigger, Better & More Colourful!

Hello 31!

Happy 31st birthday to me! My family and friends know how much I love to celebrate my birthday, so much that I make it a point of celebrating all month long! Growing up, my parents always threw amazing birthday parties for my brother and me, so I suppose that sentimental memory stuck with me all … Continue reading Hello 31!

Ms. March | Meet Suzan Terzian

Hello March! It's officially my birthday month, which means I will be celebrating all month long! I am absolutely thrilled to start this month with my Empowerment feature, because this incredible lady, whom I met only 2 months ago - has changed my life! I embarked on a healthy journey in January to change my … Continue reading Ms. March | Meet Suzan Terzian

Fairmont The Palm | Dubai

Last weekend, I was very lucky to enjoy a well needed staycation in Dubai. My friend made arrangements for me to stay at the ultra posh Fairmont The Palm, and unlike my usual Dubai trips  - this one was purely based on relaxation and "me" time. After a hectic few weeks at work, I felt … Continue reading Fairmont The Palm | Dubai

Picture perfect spots in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is filled with incredible places, exciting dining destinations, nature and beautiful views. For 7 years I have called this beautiful city my home, and I can't express how much I love exploring its charms. Pictures speak louder than words, so I'm delighted to share some of my favourite spots in the city for that … Continue reading Picture perfect spots in Abu Dhabi

Van Gogh Alive

Have you guys seen the latest art phenomenon in Abu Dhabi? A few days ago my girlfriends and I spent a few hours immersing in Post-Impressionist masterpieces by Vincent Van Gogh in the form of a 4D experience. Located at the Abu Dhabi National Theatre, this incredible gallery illuminates the life of Vincent Van Gogh … Continue reading Van Gogh Alive

Discover Dubai | City Walk

In a city like Dubai, which literally offers an experience for every type of visitor, I find it very easy to get lost in the charms, beyond the glitter and luxury. Although I live only 1 hour away, I always love to visit Dubai with my "tourist" glasses, and explore new destinations and unique things … Continue reading Discover Dubai | City Walk

Ms. February | Meet Sara Khan

It's officially the month of love and what better time than to introduce our beautiful Ms. February! I met Sara Khan a few months ago at a networking event, and right from the "hello" her vivacious personality captivated me. Sara is one of the smartest people I have met, but what is even more precious … Continue reading Ms. February | Meet Sara Khan

Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay | Dubai

Located amidst the bustling Business Bay district of downtown Dubai, overlooking the Dubai Water Canal, is the Steigenberger Hotel. My family and I are quite familiar with the brand, having stay at their hotels in Germany, however we were excited to stay at this one during the festive period, being the first in the region. … Continue reading Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay | Dubai

Discover Fujairah

The UAE is filled with incredible places to visit and explore. From fascinating malls, the largest buildings and most extravagent hotels, there is something for everyone. But what about for those seeking nature and history? With my parents in town over the festive holiday, we decided to explore Fujairah, the UAE's only emirate, which faces the … Continue reading Discover Fujairah