Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

With my parents in town over the holidays, and having checked off most of our "to do list", I decided to take them to the annual Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival. Held every year in Al Wathba, just 40 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi city centre, the festival features Emirati traditions and heritage, while also showcasing … Continue reading Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

An island getaway

Last weekend, the "explorer" side of me, was itching to go on an adventure. With the temperature rising daily in the UAE (hello summer), I felt the best option was something aqua related, and so I booked the Island Beach Getaway trip through Captain Tony's. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, however here … Continue reading An island getaway

The magic of Spring

Spring is absolutely one of the most charming seasons - is there anything more beautiful than watching the trees come to life after a long gloomy winter? Or catching the scent of blooming flowers as they fill the air? Living in the UAE, has indeed, made me miss the change of seasons, however I was … Continue reading The magic of Spring

Mother of the Nation Festival 2018 | Bigger, Better & More Colourful!

Last weekend, the Mother of the Nation festival officially kicked off in Abu Dhabi! This is my absolute favourite event, filled with interactive activities, nom-ilicious dining, and superb live entertainment! I was so excited when the first festival launched a few years ago (click here to refresh your memory), however this year is bigger, better, … Continue reading Mother of the Nation Festival 2018 | Bigger, Better & More Colourful!

Van Gogh Alive

Have you guys seen the latest art phenomenon in Abu Dhabi? A few days ago my girlfriends and I spent a few hours immersing in Post-Impressionist masterpieces by Vincent Van Gogh in the form of a 4D experience. Located at the Abu Dhabi National Theatre, this incredible gallery illuminates the life of Vincent Van Gogh … Continue reading Van Gogh Alive

United Arab Emirates | an eternal love

Today marks exactly 5 years since I first arrived in the land of glitter and gold, the United Arab Emirates, and so I am very pleased to share with you my own personal kaleidoscope of memories from this beautiful country. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit yet, the UAE is … Continue reading United Arab Emirates | an eternal love