48 hours in Muscat

When I think of Oman, flashing images of beautiful wadis, perfectly textured mountains, and a haven for hikers and nature seekers come to my mind. Muscat, the capital city, always seemed to have been slightly left behind in those glossy travel brochures, and so with a free  weekend in March, my friend and I decided … Continue reading 48 hours in Muscat

Cruising the Mediterranean with MSC cruises

"Once a year, go some place you have never been before" - Dalai Lama My family and I have enjoyed short boat rides during seaside holidays, however never embarked on a long haul cruise before, so when my father asked us to vote between a Mediterranean cruise or trip to Singapore - our votes were … Continue reading Cruising the Mediterranean with MSC cruises

Charming Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre (five lands) is one of the most charming and colourful regions of Italy, located along the North Western coast of Liguria. The remoteness of the cliff-side fishing towns, paved a relaxed and easygoing way of life for the local residents, until the tourism boom hit a few years ago. The region today … Continue reading Charming Cinque Terre

Seychelles Itinerary | Exploring Praslin and La Digue

The Seychelles Islands archipelago represents beauty, harmony, tranquility, world famous beaches, colourful culture, and vibrant nature. During my short 5 day stay, I mixed ultimate relaxation and exploration, so here is a bit of history to start. The Seychelles Islands were officially discovered by the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama in 1503, settled by the … Continue reading Seychelles Itinerary | Exploring Praslin and La Digue

Seychelles | A trip to paradise

I always knew that I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday doing something different, memorable and amazing - and it was the perfect occasion to start ticking off my travel bucket list. Initially intended as an all-girls trip, destiny planned for me to take my first solo holiday to the Seychelles Islands and after a month … Continue reading Seychelles | A trip to paradise

When in Serbia | Danube Cruise

A few weeks ago, you may remember my post "a hill, like no other", where I explored the bountiful nature of the Danube River from Eastern Serbia with my parents. Disappointed that we could not take a river cruise, I was on the hunt to find an alternative, and found my luck with Serbian Adventures. Offering a … Continue reading When in Serbia | Danube Cruise

Guest Post | Discover Thailand

Good morning fellow readers! My close friend has recently returned from an incredible trip to Thailand and couldn't wait to share her experience with me. Hearing all of the amazing things she has encountered in paradise, I thought it was a good idea for her to share the experience with you all. So here it … Continue reading Guest Post | Discover Thailand

Discover Montenegro| Kotor and Tivat

Two weeks have passed by since our summer holiday in Montenegro and after filtering over 300 pictures, tonight, I am pleased to share a special postcard from our day trip to the medieval town of Kotor, and luxurious Porto Montenegro in Tivat. Arriving to Kotor around midday, we were greeted by a mesmerizing MSC cruise line just about … Continue reading Discover Montenegro| Kotor and Tivat

Montenegro’s Best Beaches

Sitting here in cold and rainy Europe has made me miss the beach days spent in Montenegro, so today's postcard comes to you from the beaches of the Budva Riviera. Our first beach experience was at Jaz beach which is located a 10 minute drive away from Budva city centre. Passing through the winding roads you catch a glimpse … Continue reading Montenegro’s Best Beaches

A Summer Adventure in Montenegro

Hello fellow readers! I realise that it has been one month since my last post so, I certainly hope the next few will make up for the silence! After a hot and steamy summer spent discovering Serbia and my quick getaway to Berlin - I ended the official summer season with my fabulous travel partner, … Continue reading A Summer Adventure in Montenegro