My Pink Diary is a collection of my personal style, travel adventures, fabulous eats and inspiration, while leaving behind a little sparkle where ever I go. I love pink, in all hues, shades and contrasts, and to me, the colour represents romance, elegance, happiness, not to mention it looks good pretty much on anything!

Check out the Empowerment section which is filled with motivational and inspirational stories from people who spread positivity and growth. It is my hope that their stories will encourage more empowerment to everyone around the world, and to propel us all, to start living a positive, happy life, right now.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember, it’s always more fun living life in full colour!


Marina xox (1)




3 comments on “Hello! Its nice to meet you!”

  1. I am a lucky girl to call this talented lady one of my closest friends. The story about how our friendship started is just hilarious and none of us would have thought that such a strong friendship can develop and last. But our minds are in many things alike and living together as Expats in Abu Dhabi, I can say that I truly valued the amazing memories I have with you, Marina.
    Thanks for creating something so beautiful like this Blog. It’s so YOU 🙂 and it always puts a smile on my face reading all those great stories.
    Stay Inspired!

    Your friend, Jasmin

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