The magic of Spring

Spring is absolutely one of the most charming seasons - is there anything more beautiful than watching the trees come to life after a long gloomy winter? Or catching the scent of blooming flowers as they fill the air? Living in the UAE, has indeed, made me miss the change of seasons, however I was … Continue reading The magic of Spring

Easter | Serbian Orthodox Traditions

Good morning world! I have been home for the passed 2 weeks, and there is honestly no better feeling than spending time with family - especially with mine, since we live in literally 3 different continents. While the Catholic world celebrated Easter last week, we Orthodox celebrated it yesterday, so I thought it would be … Continue reading Easter | Serbian Orthodox Traditions

Ms. April | Meet Taghred Chandab

Happy April loves! There is something so magical about Spring, and I love being in Europe to witness the flowers coming to life, after hibernating during the cold gloomy winter. I am delighted to introduce a lady whom I have been following on Instagram since last year; a lady who skips all the B.S and … Continue reading Ms. April | Meet Taghred Chandab