Hello 31!

Happy 31st birthday to me! My family and friends know how much I love to celebrate my birthday, so much that I make it a point of celebrating all month long! Growing up, my parents always threw amazing birthday parties for my brother and me, so I suppose that sentimental memory stuck with me all these years. And the fact that as Serbians, we simply love to celebrate any occasion, grandiosely!

1 year has passed since the day I woke up in The Seychelles, overlooking the most beautiful scenery – a memory I will cherish forever. I felt so peaceful and content, and not a single pinch of fear about turning that “dreaded” age, 30. Over the years, the media has done a tremendous job of portraying the 30’s as terrifying, life changing, and even depressing. WELL, let me tell you otherwise! I do admit, that in my younger years I was a “numbers” girl. I imagined being married at 23 like my mother, having my babies at exactly 25, 27 and 29, and living happily ever after. Considering the fact that I was no where close to being married by the time I turned 24, I decided to let go of that Hollywood obsession of “happily ever after” in my 20’s. The reality is, my 30th year was spent blissfully and I learned a few key things; have a look below:

  1. Tolerance: on the one side, I am more tolerant to life, on the other, I am less tolerant to bullshit.
  2. Metabolism: yes people, it has started to change. But with that, I decided to change my habits and lifestyle, hence I embarked on a 6 week re-set journey, which has been amazing so far.
  3. Wisdom: Although this one is a constant learning point, I did finally understand what it means to “choose your battles wisely”, and I have let go of unnecessary negative energy, which would normally affect me inevitably.
  4. Confidence: I pushed my boundaries on comfort zone and took my first solo trip to my dream destination. It really does so much for the soul, to go to a beautiful place – all alone.
  5. Intuition: I am who I am, and I have learned to fall in love with myself first. I am more conscious of the choices I make, the people I open my life too and my goals – as my biggest focus is my own happiness. I also learned that losing some people along the way is ok – because if they are not there to support you, they only make up 1 chapter in the entire book of your life.

So for anyone turning 30 – there is absolutely NOTHING scary about it, it is just a number after all, and the most important thing that matters – is how you feel! I am a very strong advocate for empowering women, and truly wish that every woman on earth, despite her situation will gain control of her own life, and lead it with happiness. I also recognize that a lot of societies are still so deeply rooted in olden traditions which dominate how a woman should live, – I mean come on, we live in a world where robots are starting to become a part of our world. For sure, there are still things which I want to have in my life, however I am a firm believer that everything comes to us at the right time. I still have a lot to learn, but keeping the faith that everything comes to us at the right time, surely helps me to work on achieving my goals and finding my happiness.

After all, we are constantly adding more exciting chapters in the books of our lives.

Here’s to another amazing year ahead 🙂




Disclaimer: All views are my own and all photographs are © My Pink Diary.

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