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Hello March! It’s officially my birthday month, which means I will be celebrating all month long! I am absolutely thrilled to start this month with my Empowerment feature, because this incredible lady, whom I met only 2 months ago – has changed my life! I embarked on a healthy journey in January to change my nutritional habits through Suzan’s 6 week Body Re-set program, and although it is over, Suzie has changed my perspective not only on food, but on life. She is the most positive and inspiring person I have met this year, and I cannot wait to share her with you all!

Quick facts:

  • Name: Suzan Terzian
  • Profession: Clinical nutritionist and holistic health coach @yourhealthguideuae
  • Favourite destination: The kitchen. The gym. The beach
  • Horoscope sign: Cancer
  • Loves: Warm people and kale
  • Hates: Labels on people – why do we need to put people in boxes?!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I’m a clinical nutritionist and a holistic health coach. This was my first true passion in life. My biggest accomplishment is that I am a mommy of 3 amazing children and I have an incredible partner in life, my husband. I guess I’m truly so passionate about delivering the message of health, wellness, nutrition in the best possible way to people. I keep hearing negative messages delivered to people and that really drives me to want to step in and let everyone know that its not their fault and there are lots of positive things we can do to help them move forward in their health journey.  That’s a really big love and passion for me.

2. How do you handle difficult times in your life? 
It’s so important for human beings to be surrounded by others who love, support and uplift them. I think that is a major part of the health equation – we are healthier by surrounding ourselves with positive people who give us love and support. In difficult times we turn to family, my sister is my rock, as well as my husband, my brother and my parents.  It’s incredible how sometimes people you don’t even know very well step in during difficulties – they are like angels, giving support. That is a very important tool in dealing with difficult times.

I also believe in self reflection, being alone (not lonely) in one’s thoughts, helps clear things and helps your mind to go through it.  I also like to get moving, go for a walk.  Being physically active really helps me clear my mind, calm down and helps me think of solutions.

Another important source of positivity for me is my amazing circle of friends, my tribe of women. I have amazing friends in my life that are there for me, that uplift me, that I can share my worries with, or that I can have a good laugh with, or just talk to. I don’t know what I would do without the amazing women in my life.

3. What is your secret to achieving the right balance between your career, family, friends and doing what you really love?
There are a few things I would like to say about this. Sometimes it’s not a perfect balance and that is really important for us to appreciate and be OK with, especially as women. I feel there is a lot of pressure either by society or other women, to do it all and do it perfectly Im not sure if there ever is a perfect balance.  Certain areas take priority at times, and it’s a constant juggle and struggle to manage that balance.  Some days you feel like a rock star, balancing and managing it all.  Other days balls are dropping and you’re fighting the clock.  THAT’S the balance!

I am very lucky that my job is my passion however after having my children, I did make the decision to take a break from work and focus on the family.   It was a difficult choice, and I loved where I was in my career, yet I was completely sure and satisfied with my decision. I am back now and have been on a mission to spread the message of self love and self care . It’s so crucial for everyone (especially women) to be paying attention to that.  Filling your cup, in order to fill other people’s cups.  I know that i do a better job as a coach, as a mother, a wife, a friend, when I take care of myself first.  I feel great when I eat well, when I exercise, when I get enough sleep – it’s a chemical process.

AND writing lists!

4. What are your hobbies?
I really love trying out different workouts, different group fitness classes – especially trying new gyms when I travel.  I also love to dance, so much fun! I don’t know if it’s a hobby, but I love it 🙂

5. What are your tips for happiness?
Gratitude! Appreciating everything and finding the magic in it. I love laughing, that makes me happy – I try not to take myself too seriously.

6. Who is your role model or someone you look up to?
I don’t necessarily have one role model. I admire the greatness of  a lot of people.  Some for their kindness, some for their selflessness, some for their creativity, some for their strengths and lots more! Sometimes it’s my kids and I feel WOW I just learned that from a 10 year old. I do love letting people know my appreciation and admiration of them.

7. What have been the most exciting milestones in your life?
Motherhood is something else, and I know it sounds super cliché, but it’s true. Nothing at all compares to it, nothing changes your world more than that.

8. If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be?
There is so much sadness and destruction in the world and humans being terrible to other humans. I would just want everyone to be safe. There are children who are suffering and people suffering endlessly for no logical reason.

9. There are still a lot of cultures and societies who frown upon successful women. Why do you think that is, and how can it change?
I’m a positive feminist – I believe in everyone being treated with fairness.  No one, male or female should be told they could not do something, because of their gender. I think it comes down to leadership. When country leaders promote and encourage females and males equally – then we will be heading in the right direction. The UAE is the perfect example- leadership that encourages and promotes both women and men to succeed and achieve.  Another pillar are moms and dads.  Parents play a huge role in instilling values, ideas and expectations in their sons and daughters.

10. What advice can you offer for men and women, trying to balance a career, family and personal life?
Balancing is always tricky.  Do what works for you and your family.  Every person is different and has different circumstances.  In general, its always helpful to plan out blocks of time for each important area of your life and dedicate yourself to being present during that time. Remember sometimes things go off balance and that’s ok.

When all else fails, take some time to unplug yourself and if possible disconnect from everything, even if it is for just one hour.  That always helps clear your mind, create your lists, and set your priorities

Keep up with Suzan through her Instagram page, or catch her at a fitness class around Abu Dhabi 🙂

Disclaimer: Suzie, thank you truly for changing my life, for always supporting me, and for guiding me to always seek happiness. 

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