Can you guys believe it is already February!? Time certainly seems like it is flying, however I hope you have been making incredible memories! My biggest news is that I have committed to a 6 week complete body reset program with Bodytree Studio and the incredible Suzan Terzian, as part of my 2018 goal to really look after myself.

After a series of very stressful months at work, I completely fell out of a healthy balance and somehow “lost” myself. This program so far has been amazing, as I have not only become completely aware of what I eat, but I have started to learn how to eat when I am hungry, and not when I am emotional.

My focus for this month is to continue learning more about nutrition, to continue making the right choices for my health, and to find better ways of channeling stress – like classes at BodyTree Studio or cycling on the Corniche 🙂

What are you focusing on this month?




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