Louvre Abu Dhabi is located on the beautiful Saadiyat Island, which is the city’s cultural district. With approximately 8,000 sqm of galleries, it is the largest art museum in the Gulf region. Although the project has been a work in progress for 10 years, the museum opened its doors officially on 11th November 2017, and residents couldn’t wait! The mastermind architect behind the design is none other than Jean Nouvel who has designed countless notable buildings around the world. As part of the museums complex, Abu Dhabi is eagerly awaiting the Guggenehim Museum which will be the largest in the world, Zayed National Museum, and a Maritime Museum, to open in the near future.

The breathtaking structure is designed to represent a star-patterned floating dome, which allows the sun to pass through. Known as the “rain of light” Jean Nouvel intended for the effect to represent sunlight filtering through a date palm in an oasis, which fits magnificently with the country’s heritage. The intricate work which went into creating this “museum on the sea” is simply amazing, just take a look at below’s facts from Gulf News:

  • Number of ‘stars’ that form the dome’s eight layers of cladding: 7,850
  • Number of permanent piers holding up the dome: 4
  • Dimensions of largest ‘stars’13 metres in diameter and 1.3 tonnes in weight
  • Total weight of the dome is 7,500 tonnes (weighing almost as much as the Eiffel Tower)  
  • The underground service tunnel that will connect Louvre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Museum and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is over 1km in length.

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The museum currently displays 620 masterpieces, including 300 items on loan from France and the US. Spread across 23 galleries, the works of art are categorized into 12 chapters documenting a historical era. Gallery 1 “The First Villages” features works of art dating back to 6,500 BCE from the Near East, China and Central America. Galleries 2 – 4 “The First Great Powers”, “Civilizations and Empires” and “Universal Religions” document historical artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia, while Galleries 5-7 “Asia Trade Routes”, “From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic” and “The World in Perspective” focus on the Byzantine Empire until the European Renaissance. A clear reflection of the UAE’s open minded perspective is found in the “Universal Religions” display which showcases the Bible, Quran and Torah right next to each other. Galleries 8-12 “The Magnificence of the Court“, “A New Art of Living“,  “A Modern World?” “Challenging Modernity “and “A Global Stage” capture masterpieces from the 17th – 21st century, including modern day abstract art.

Take a look at some of the incredible works of art, currently on display:

Louvre Abu Dhabi launched it’s first temporary exhibition called “From One Louvre to Another” which is on display until 7th April 2018, and showcases over 150 masterpieces from Château de Versailles; with a promise to host up to 4 exhibitions per year. A complete visit to the galleries, currently takes approximately 2 hours, however families can easily spend an entire afternoon exploring the children’s museum, enjoying lunch and of course admiring that splendid dome, which overlooks the picture perfect, pristine Arabian sea.




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