Reflections | 2017

I can’t believe it is officially the last day of 2017 … where has the time gone!? As I reflect back on my life in the passed 12 months, I can only smile because I have achieved some incredible milestones despite the number of challenges that knocked on my door.

I find that the older I get, the more I cherish memories I collected along the way, and appreciate the people who were there to hold my hand in good times and bad.

So what are those milestones? Take a look:

1. I rented my own apartment from A to Z. No roommates, no HR assistance, just me.

2. I turned 30! For most people this seems like a big deal, honestly I still feel like a sweet 16 dancing queen, however what made the difference is that I welcomed my 3rd decade in paradise!

3. I visited some exciting new destinations which have been on my list for too long.

4. All the hard work paid off when I got an interview published in Hotelier magazine, and together with our F&B team, took home 6 awards which have not been achieved in more than 3 years!

5. I saw my family 3 times this year, which made me the happiest.

6. I lost some friends, but made some even better ones, who have already changed my life for the better.

7. I learned to let go of things I could not control, but which were standing on the path of my happiness.

8. I learned that pushing my body to the max is never a good thing and the quote “pain is weakness leaving the body” is bullshit. If it hurts its never a good thing, take care of your body.

9. I accepted that 2 white hairs, does not mean the end of the world.

10. Finally – I embraced the fact that its ok to fail, its ok to fall, and its ok to take some time to heal. Recovery, moving forward, and taking that next step to success, with support, is what matters the most.

Happy New Year everyone, and looking forward to an amazing 2018!






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