National day in the UAE

Yesterday, the UAE celebrated 46 years of unity. How a country so young has managed to achieve much more than many old world countries is attributed not only to the world’s 7th largest oil reserve, but more importantly to the vision of its leaders. 46 years ago, Bedouin UAE was unified by a legendary man, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (PBUH) – who envisioned a country leading the world in technology, innovation, education and so much more.

7 years ago when I boarded an airplane to Abu Dhabi, I did not know anything about it, I had only heard of Dubai from friends who already lived there. To myself and my family, I was heading off into the unknown, with only my faith and new job to sustain me. Little did I know, that a wealth of experiences would await me, like one day when I discovered full grown palm trees had sprouted in front of my compound in Khalifa City A, overnight!  Thanks to the vision of the country’s leaders, and the hard working men and women who contribute to society, the UAE today has a strong voice on the global scene, which is only getting louder.

Celebrating the National day of the country is a reminder of that unification, an assertion of the common future goals, and a reaffirmation of the pride that resides in all it’s citizens. In Abu Dhabi, National day is a very lively occasion, where the city is filled with flags and bright decorations. Cultural events are organized over the weekend, and the streets are filled with pimped out cars showing off their best artwork before participating in a car parade on Yas Island. My favourite part is the ending fireworks which usually last a good 10 minutes and can be seen from multiple places in the city.

My own way of celebrating the National day is to reflect on the incredible memories I have made, and the wonderful experiences I have so far been a part of.





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