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It’s officially the last month of 2017, I mean how did the year pass by so quickly!? I hope the past 11 months have been rewarding and enriching for you, despite all the challenges which have come up too. To end the year, I am absolutely delighted to highlight a very special lady, whom I have met in March at a ladies’ empowerment event. Shaden Bolbol, radiates positive energy and her mega watt smile will change anyone’s mood, in just a second. She is a true inspiration, and the perfect person to wrap up the year of strong women … see for yourself 🙂 

Quick facts:

  • Name: Shaden Bolbol
  • Profession: Architect / life coach
  • Favourite destination: France
  • Horoscope sign: Virgo
  • Loves: working out, spreading love, sushi, reading, laughter, volunteer work
  • Hates: I don’t really hate anything! Tolerance is important.. but I must say I dislike stupidity 😂

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Life Coach, Architect – All are just labels attached to me. Above all, I am a human being who is deeply in touch with humanity. I believe in living a life of love, growth and service to the world. Why? Simply because peace is the answer and love is the way. I am driven by a mission to make the world a better place, in any small way. I believe so much in the power of the heart, with a little bit of courage from each of us, will create a better world.

I am so passionate about giving back and spreading positivity, so I dedicate so much of my time into volunteer work, life coaching seminars and supporting community initiatives. This led to me starting The Change Project, a community initiative, which hosts regular self-development seminars in Abu Dhabi which are open to the community. I am also a main speaker in LifeTalksLive powered by MENA Speakers – a platform on a mission to positively affect people’s lives through 7-10 minute daily Live online videos, which has gained over 186,000 followers.

Professionally, I am also the Business Development Manager in Arabian Industrial. I am also the founder of Seeds for Change, a Life Coaching and Self Development Company. Clients include universities, government sector, private banks and large corporations across the UAE such as – Ministry of State for Happiness, UAE Cabinet, Abu Dhabi Investment Company, Zayed University, NYU Abu Dhabi, and Ajman University.

I love life! I empower my self to live a beautiful life daily and I love to share that with others. I take advantage of every moment, say yes to new experiences and adventures, and connect deeply with everyone I meet.

2. How did you handle difficult times in your life? 

BREATHE! Whenever we go through difficult times it can be easy to let our emotions get out of hand and overthink. What I like to do is maintain peace in my mind, connect with my strength and find a solution from there! A positive mindset will get you through anything. There is no need to complain and be negative because that will prolong the situation even more!

3. How do you balance your life between being a career woman and finding time to do what you love?

People often complain about not having time to do what they love, but I say: priorities. We all have 24 hours in a day, how we utilise this time is the most important thing! You can waste it on things that add no value to your life, or focus your time on doing things you love! I take advantage of every second that each day brings and I don’t procrastinate or waste my time.

4. What are your hobbies?

I LOVE working out! Boxing is one of my favourite hobbies. I also enjoy reading, I finish one book per week. I love exploring new things, I am that person that wants to experience everything from skydiving, hiking, scuba diving, and travelling the world.

5. How do you de-stress?

There is nothing more I love than spending the day at the beach, swimming, soaking in the sun and water sports! Also, I de-stress daily by kicking butt at the gym. One of the best ways to keep your mind, body and spirit in check is to do a fun workout!

6. What are your tips for happiness?

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. That way, there is an urgency to make the most of your life. Through sharing it with people you love, being the best you can be and giving every moment all you have got! Say yes to opportunities and experiences and never let fear get in the way of anything. You are always in charge of how you choose to conquer the day, so be extremely empowered everyday! Be grateful for every little thing in your life and NEVER look for what is missing in your life. Share more, give more, and love more… That is the most important thing!!

7. Who is your role model or someone you look up to?

I look up to anyone who is making a positive difference in the world and lives the best life they can live. It is always inspiring to hear peoples stories and experiences, and I believe that everyone you meet has a story that you can learn from.

8. What have been the most exciting milestones in your life?

There has been many milestones: One would be realising that the most important relationship I have is with myself! I believe its a huge milestone to be able to love yourself and be truly at peace! Another major milestone was when I decided to go on a volunteering trip to a girl school in Ghana. It helped me realise what is important and led to me really changing my life and giving back more. From there I decided to pursue a coaching career (although I am an architect), which opened up a lot of opportunities for me! Also travelling, experiencing the world and never letting fear get in the way of living beautifully!

9. What advice do you have for women today, trying to balance a career, family and personal life?

Don’t wait for any person, circumstance, luck to happen! YOU have got to make things happen! You have to have full faith and belief in yourself to make anything happen.

10. What makes you feel feminine? 

Femininity is a special gift and I fully embrace it! There is nothing shameful about embracing your feminine side which is nurturing, compassionate, vulnerable and gentle – while also being a confident, career oriented, powerhouse of a woman! I also take time everyday to look good! I am always well dressed and ready for anything! It’s an act of self love and I love feeling FABULOUS!

Check out LifeTalksLive by clicking here!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Shaden for collaborating on this post and sharing an insight into how fabulous she is!


Check out LifeTalksLive by clicking here!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Shaden for collaborating on this post and sharing an insight into how fabulous she is! 

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