It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Perhaps, it may seem too early to get into the Christmas spirit, however there is nothing abnormal about that in my world. And the fact that Starbucks has started selling red velvet cakes and serve drinks in festive themed cups, is proof that its never too early!

While going home from work last night, I decided to pop into Bath & Body Works to “check out” the new Festive collection … little did I know, that 2 hours later, I was still sniffing heavenly scents and trying on various creams.

Bath & Body Works are my number one favourite cosmetic brand, and I fall into a coma when ever I am in any of their blissful stores. From the quirky names, to the creative artwork, and branding, each product is so unique. I love that the brand uses shea butter as a base for the creams, which is the best thing ever, next to coconut for the skin. And not to mention, the scent stays around the entire day!

Walking into any of their stores during the festive season, is like paying a visit to Santa’s grotto – it’s magical. The invigorating aroma welcomes guests from the entrance, while gorgeous displays and themed decoration post the perfect backdrop for any photo. The store assistants act as busy elves offering advice on the right scents and matching combinations for every visitor. With so many blissful options to choose from, 2 hours later, I finally narrowed done my favourites from this year’s seasonal collection:

  • Maple Cinnamon Pancakes: I mean what is not to love about this name! I purchased the wall fragrance so that my apartment can smell like fresh pancakes all day!
  • Hot Cocoa & Cream: exactly as the name suggests, dark and chocolately
  • Gingerbread latte: nutmeg, vanilla, gingerbread cookie. Isn’t that the perfect festive recipe?!
  • Vanilla Bean Noel:  last year’s signature returns this year, and its as delicious as I remember, all the right sweet notes in one!
  • Snowflakes & Cashmere: I really fell in love with this velvety scent! The ideal combination of silky cashmere cream, frosted clementine and shimmery vanilla.
  • Frosted Coconut Snowball: I saw the word “coconut”, and that was the end 🙂 A combination of vanilla and coconut – cannot be more perfect for me!

Now let’s talk candles! While I am exceptionally irritated that they discontinued the mini candles which were the most perfect thing ever, the options this season are literally delectable!

  • Salted Caramel: literally smells like freshly made salted caramel, this scent is to die for!
  • Sweater Weather: a nice refreshing combination of eucalyptus, juniper berries and fresh sage – just like the smell of frosted winter air!
  • Vanilla Snowflake: another signature from last year, and one which I still have on my coffee table; it provides the perfect cozy ambiance with creamy vanilla and coconut flakes.
  • Warm Candy Apple: a lovely fruity melody of red apple, cinnamon, rose petals, maple leaf and candied orange. Yummy! 
  • Twisted Peppermint: a delightful combination of cool peppermint and a hint of musk, to balance the warm vanilla buttercream.

I absolutely adore sweet scents and pretty much anything that has to do with vanilla or coconut, so my choices may be a bit biased, however all the scents are just too good to miss out on! Abu Dhabi readers – the stores are offering several incredible promotions (hence why I rocked up with a bag full of goodies) including Buy 2, Get 2 Free and AED 10 on selected items, this weekend! Stay up to date with all the promotions by visiting Bath & Body Works Middle East Facebook page.

Happy holidays! <3





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