Can you believe it is exactly 52 days until Christmas!?

The weather in Abu Dhabi has completely changed and we are entering that eagerly awaited period when we can wear jumpers, dine al fresco, and enjoy walks along the Corniche.

While I am a summer child, I simply adore those rainy days when I can wear my snuggly jumper, sip on hot chocolate, and occasionally jump in the puddles … after all I was born in a tropical country, balance is everything. Ok let’s rewind for a second because I am sure most of my readers who do not live in the UAE, are confused by now.

The UAE climate is subtropical which means hot summers and “warm” winters. The hottest months are usually June – August, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius. The hot summer is usually followed by an intense humidity, and then things start to cool down, sometimes down to 15 degrees Celsius in the evenings. Then it starts to rain, and due to the UAE’s cloud seeding project, we have experienced quite a lot of rainfall in the last few years compared to when I moved here in 2010.

Anyway enough about the weather, my focus for November will be on health and fitness, and by that I mean aggressively bringing those kilos down which I haven’t been able to shake off since my ice cream coma from the summer holiday. I signed up for a 3 months membership at the Abu Dhabi Country Club because I love love loooove their Les Mills group classes: Body Combat, Body Attack and Body Balance. Apart from that, I have enlisted a personal trainer to break that wall of fear I have with weights, which apparently are crucial for getting into shape — I mean isn’t walking around in heels all day enough for toning?  With the festive season (literally my favourite time of the year) coming up and my parents visiting me for 3 weeks (which means mum is bringing homemade treats for 21 days) … I have to be one step ahead!

What are you focusing on this month?





Check out the Group Fitness Classes at Abu Dhabi Country Club Facebook page here for all the updates, and I hope to see you at the classes!

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