While the rest of the world slowly transitions from a hot summer into cooler Autumn, here in the UAE, we have an extended summer this month! With temperatures dropping from 50 C to 40 C, we can finally enjoy slightly more bearable weather, and hope the humidity stays under control.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in Europe, when nature transforms it’s hues and contrasts, and the earth takes a break from the heat. A new season represents change, and my theme for September is “out with the old, in with the new”. I never realized, just how much stuff I have accumulated over the year, things I have never used, and perhaps never will. I have however, spent quite some time filling my suitcase with new things while on holiday, and as expected am now running into a huge problem with my wardrobe organization.

This month, rather than focusing on too many goals, I will focus mainly on sticking with my theme. Getting rid of things I no longer have any purpose for, and making space for the new ones … and ladies, I am talking mainly about re-organizing my shoes, bags, accessories and cosmetics. Here is a mood board I created with some inspiration found on Pinterest, what do you guys think?

What are your projects or goals for September?





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