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Heidelberg is one of the most charming cities in Germany, with its beautiful Neckar River promenade, picturesque old bridges, and Renaissance castle ruins. The city is a tourist haven thanks to its famous universities and colleges, historic sights and wide range of dining experiences. When I visited my brother, who was studying there a few years ago, I was encompassed by the charming spirit of the city during spring time, with the smell of flowers starting to bloom again, and spotting a few African parakeets, which are known to make the city their home, until the cooler months.

This post is a collection of top tips and experiences when visiting Heidelberg, from myself, my brother and Nomandnommer – enjoy!


  • Stroll along the cobblestone streets of Hauptstrasse and visit all of the shops, there is always something that you’re looking for!
  • Walk in the shaded forest behind Dossenheim (a few tram stops away from the city centre).
  • Visit Philosopher’s walk – just the thought of how many incredible philosophers walked the same steps, is enough to open your mind and soul.
  • Climb 700 steps to the magnificent Heidelberg castle, where you will enjoy beautiful views of the city and learn all about its strategic importance.
  • Enjoy a lazy picnic by the Neckar River during summer – it’s the most peaceful and tranquil way to spend an afternoon.
  • Bask in the historical spirit of the Baroque style “Alt Stadt” (Old City) where you can enjoy refreshments and pick up unique souvenirs.
  • Visit Königstuhl, a 567.8 mtr high hill in the Oldenwald mountains, where a funicular takes you to the top to enjoy spectacular, yet tranquil views of the entire city.
  • During winter – visit the “Weinahchtsmarkts” (Christmas Market) and enjoy “gluhwein”, (mulled wine) crepes, and bratwurst – the city turns into a fairytale!
  • Spend an afternoon visiting the Heidelberg Zoo, where you can meet different types of animals such as pink flamingos! The Zoo had a rocky history since its opening in 1934, and was completely destroyed during WWII. In 1972, it was rebuilt again and new enclosures were added. The Zoo also offers a lot of shaded areas, perfect for protection during summer.


  • Hemmingways, a cafe pub that is great for drinks, lunch, and playing backgammon on their terrace space.
  • The Golden Star, offers the best Greek food in the city
  • Sahara, a small Lebanese restaurant at the end of Hauptstrasse, where you can get incredible chicken shawarma, falafel and all other delights in between.
  • O’Reilly’s Pub, an Irish pub which serves the best chicken wings!
  • Gelato Go – yummiest gelato!

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Disclaimer: All views are my own and all photographs are © My Pink Diary, unless otherwise stated. A special thanks to Nomandnommer and my brother Milan, for this fun collaboration. 🙂 

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