I had the privilege to dine at the revered Butcher & Still Abu Dhabi, located at the Four Seasons Abu Dhabi on Al Maryah Island last weekend, and it was an “out of this world” experience.

Let’s start with the Four Seasons Abu Dhabi … from the minute you step into the hotel, warm and welcoming greetings fill the air. The luxurious lobby captures not only an abundance of light which reflects perfectly with the light marble touches, but gives you a feeling like you are walking on air. Gorgeous purple blooms are placed in strategic points of the lobby, to add a tone of understated elegance, while art pieces basking in Arabian culture fill the room. This is just the lobby.



Upon arrival to Butcher & Still, the hostess, Julia immediately welcomed my friend Monica warmly as a returned guest and took us directly to a comfy, cozy leather booth next to the outdoor terrace. The restaurant is designed to resemble  Chicago during the 1920’s prohibition era, and features elegant dark wood, intimate leather seating, and vintage elements such as a black and white pictures and a gramophone, not to mention a view of Abu Dhabi’s skyline, to die for.


The restaurant features a long bar with an impressive and authentic cocktail making machine, resembling more of a factory gadget, however this impressive shaker known as “Crawley’s Imperial Shaker” is the only one in the Middle East. The bar menu features impressive prohibition era themed cocktails, creative infusions and is definitely a hotspot for an outing. Another unique touch to the concept are the restrooms, which are filled with old newspaper clippings, barbershop materials, and luxurious Amouage amenities.

Crawley’s Imperial Shaker
Credit: Butcher & Still Abu Dhabi



The menu offers an excellent range of meat which would satisfy every carnivore, however I was pleased to see that they offered dishes like roasted chicken, signature dover sole, and a double double cheeseburger, for those who are not steak lovers. For dinner we selected Prime Angus Beef Steak Tartar, Boneless Signature House Favourite Filet (tender cut prime Angus beef), Truffle Fries, Jumbo Steamed Asparagus and Chef’s Twice Baked Potato. Yes, that is a lot, however allow me take you step by step.

To start, we were presented with truffle bread rolls which we simply nipped off and delighted in the warm and fragrant flavour. Our starter, prime Angus steak tartar was very fresh, well seasoned and I loved the accompaniment of the egg yolk sauce which gave it an overall creamy texture. The fillet was out of this world (and I am speaking as more of seafood fan here) … perfectly cooked to perfection.  I adored the jumbo asparagus, which was crunchy and fresh, while the truffle fries were exquisitely crispy. (I would have loved to take those home, but alas we finished them all). What surprised me was the baked potato – firstly its size. It must have been the largest and most decorative baked potato I have seen in my life, topped with sour cream, chives and garnished with veal bacon.

Truffle bread rolls
Chef’s Twice Baked Potato                         
Prime Angus Beef Steak Tartar
Boneless Signature House Favourite Filet


I haven’t mentioned dessert anywhere yet, but that is because it deserves an entire section on its own. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, the signature Tribune Tower chocolate cake. 34 layers of decadent flour-less sponge cake, slathered with creamy chocolate frosting on each layer, topped with a rich fondant, and garnished with a branded orange peel. The inspiration behind this gigantic dessert is Chicago’s iconic Tribune Tower which opened in 1925 and has 34 layers, each of which are represented in the cake. We definitely ate with our eyes, because after all the potatoes, steaks and asparagus, we only managed to enjoy 10 layers. (I still have 24 of those heavenly layers in my fridge by the way).

Tribune Tower chocolate cake


When the hostess asked how our dinner was, my word for the evening was “exceptional”, because after the dining experience, paired with the world class service, and incredible ambiance … that is the only word which came to my mind (and still does).

Oh, and on your way out, please make sure to visit the bathroom … that deserves an entire feature all on its own!



Visit Information:

  • Address: Four Seasons Abu Dhabi, Al Maryah Island
  • Telephone: +971 2 333 2444
  • Website: click here


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