Hello July!

It’s hard to believe that half the year is already over – where has the time gone? Like my fitness instructor said yesterday, its time to look at those resolutions we made on 1st January and see where we stand.

I love the month of July because its the height of summer! Its the season when long flowing maxi dresses are welcome in any style, when its perfectly fine to enjoy refreshing cocktails at any time of the day, when summer salads and berries are essential to every meal; and when time simply drifts away.

I am also particularly ecstatic because its the month where my whole family will be reunited in Serbia and I can’t wait to enjoy lazy BBQ’s, outdoor concerts, and lots of homemade delights!

Looking at the resolutions I made in January, it’s time to take a mental check and remind myself about the commitment I decided to make, so this month – I will be focusing on:

  • Unlocking a new destination
  • Continuing with my fitness regime during my holiday
  • Trying out some new summer salads
  • Discovering the best gelateria in Florence
  • Spending quality time with my family

What goals do you have for July?


Let me know your thoughts!

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