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Happy June ladies! I have decided to start a new project for my “Ladies Corner” which will highlight one special lady every month who has made a difference in my life. The aim of this project is to spread as much empowerment as possible and in a way to bring us all together. Although we all have different walks of life, I find that as women, we can all somehow relate to each other’s stories, and so I hope this special project sheds some light on your dark days and uplifts you with encouragement and motivation.

The pilot for this project, and our Ms. June is none other than my mama, my role model and my best friend. She is the strongest person I know, and despite all the hardships she has endured, she has a very powerful ability to lighten up any situation and to look at it head on realistically. Throughout my life (as I am overly emotional), it was difficult for me to accept certain changes in my life, however my mom was always there with full support, no matter what it would take, even crossing many oceans to be with me. Her daily motivation gets me through my darkest days, and I hope her words will do the same for you. Enjoy!

Quick facts:

  • Name: Biljana Milic
  • Profession: Admin officer
  • Favourite destination: Abu Dhabi
  • Horoscope sign: Leo
  • Loves: Nature, food, handwork
  • Hates: Being sick, traffic jams, mess

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I was born in a booming city in eastern Serbia. My parents led a strong household and lived life to the full – working hard during the week and always travelling around ex. Yugoslavia during weekends. At the age of 23 I gave my childhood sweetheart an ultimatum – either to marry me or to break up with me as he was supposed to move abroad and I did not want to commit myself to waiting 2 years to see him; so he married me and we moved to Malaysia. Life was not easy in the beginning as we were secluded from home comforts, family support and modern day communication like mobiles, emails, and Skype – we only had faxes which took weeks to be delivered. Despite all this, I had to remain strong and to embrace the new chapter, so I found ways to occupy my time and build a new life for my husband and baby. We moved back to Serbia for a few years where I had my second baby and then transported my little children across the world to meet my husband in Africa where we are still currently living after 25 years.

As for my professional journey, I actually never had a strong orientation and one career was never my thing. My studies were chosen for me and that is why I never finished them. I am not blaming anybody for that including myself, as I know if I did finish, I would not be happy in any legal profession, I am too emotional and sympathetic to others. I worked as a secretary, real estate agent, librarian, property manager, visa officer, and I was happy with every working place. I always had a passion for criminology and I have fulfilled the desire for that during my work with migration and foreign affairs in the last 7 years of my career. (My mom is bluffing with that last sentence – she really is amazing when it comes to criminology and played a crucial role in saving the lives of hundreds of children by uncovering scammers and crooks! )

2. How did you handle difficult times in your life? 

Positive attitude is a choice so I branded my brain in that direction. In difficult times I retained faith in God and always assured myself that I will pull through and that all is temporary. I always believe if something is bad now it will not be the same in years to come, and if something bad is happening now, it  doesn’t mean that it is meant to be forever.

3. How do you balance your life between being a mother, a career woman and finding time to do what you love?

I love being a mother and wife, and the practical management of time is just a matter of organisation. Its important that you do not pretend to be super woman, perfect in everything, rather organise your family well so that everybody helps and works together.

4. What are your hobbies?

I love handwork such as sewing, traveling, gardening, shopping, house decorating and reading crime novels.

5. How do you de-stress?

Sipping tea in my garden and watching the birds, sharing drama jist (slang word for gossip) with my daughter or just praying.

6. What are your tips for happiness?

Stay positive and always look for the best in every situation. Also, age is inevitable, so learn to accept that.  I feel good in my skin (even with extra flabs and wrinkles ahahaha😂) and I love seeing myself in the mirror.

7. Do you have a motto or favourite quote?

Tomorrow is another day😉

8. Who is your role model or someone you look up to?

I have so many role models but they are not famous people. I could never associate with people that I do not know, so my role models are my parents and my friends; whose struggles, efforts and achievements I admire.

9. What have been the most exciting milestones in your life?

Marriage, having children and travelling to many exciting destinations where I have met wonderful friends.

10. What advice do you have for women today, trying to balance a career, family and personal life? 

Yes, you can do it, so many have done already!

Disclaimer: Thank you to my mommy for collaborating on this post and sharing an insight into how fabulous she is! 

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