Summer is just around the corner, and I thought it would be the perfect time to give my website a complete makeover! While my travel bug is definitely on the constant look out for new adventures, I wanted to share more of what makes me happy.

I have added some new sections which include: Style Files, Fabulous Finds and Outings, which will give you an idea of what I am up to, however keep an eye out for my Ladies Corner where I will share empowering quotes, inspiring advice, and spotlight important women I meet along the way, who make a difference in my life.

So let’s start this post off withΒ a mood board of my May obsessions:

  • Essie – May’s colour of the month is Tart Deco – its vibrant and a nice prelude to summer.
  • Sfera – I recently discovered this shop in Yas Mall and am totally in love with their style, which oozes a feminine charm. Naturally, I stocked up on classic pieces with ruffles, bows and sparkles.
  • Armani Code Cashmere – I adore this delightful 2017 edition which features the signature Armani base Β and combines discrete floral top and middle notes. If satin could be a smell, I think this would be it.
  • Lemon mint juice – although this is a staple in the UAE, I find myself drinking it on an almost daily basis when I come to work – it is the perfect refreshment on these hot days.
  • Beau & Eve – I discovered this gorgeous luxury coffee scrub a few months ago and have been addicted to them ever since, in particular the pure coconut essence.
  • The Custom Factory – who doesn’t want a fancy, personalised passport cover, to stand out in the world of regulars? Naturally, mine is bright pink.

What are your May favourites?