IMG-20160605-WA0001What is happiness? Is it a delicious chocolate ice cream? Is it those shoes which you finally found on sale? Is it cuddling the cutest puppy or perhaps travelling to a beautiful destination? Well, if you are like me then “all of the above” checks the box, however this time, I literally found happiness .. in the form of an island.

I saw some adverts on Facebook about Happiness Island Resort  with free access on the weekend of 3rd & 4th June and since the weather was beyond perfection for June, my friend and I decided to give it a try.  To access the island, we had to take a boat ride from the dock next to The British Club at Mina. The combination of sunny blue skies, that perfect crisp breeze blowing through my hair, and the smell of the Arabian Gulf, made me realise how blessed I am. A short 5 minutes later, we caught a glimpse of villas scattered on an island and large banners welcoming us to Happiness Island. 20160604_142633

I couldn’t quite orientate myself in terms of the location of this island, until I caught the Reem and Saadiyat Island skylines and realised, this is literally the perfect escape from the city. The project, commissioned by Jannah Hotels & Resorts, is set to officially open after Ramadan and will feature 26 private villas, 2 swimming pools, restaurants, a disco, a waterfall bar, a kids play area and a spa. We spent the entire day lapping the infinity pool, swimming among the tiny fish in the clear blue sea, and delighted in the summer sun – I mean, can you think of anything better for a weekend?

As I admired the perfect shades of blue surrounding me from all corners, I lay back on my sun lounge, closed my eyes and smiled, happiness found.  Untitled

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