20160317_203222The circus is in town! As a child, I have always been fascinated by the circus and enjoyed every single show I watched! From animal tricks to acrobatic stunts, I was in complete awe of the skill and perfection every performer executes.

The older I got, I became more interested in the behind the scenes action of what it takes to put on a successful show – from the timing lighting effects, the choice of soundtrack, the incredible costumes, and of course – how it all came together flawlessly, like magic!

Last night, I had the privilege to watch Cirque Le Noir in their Abu Dhabi debut at the Du Forum, Yas Island. Full of excitement, as I am a very big fan of Cirque du Soleil, this show takes on the dark side of circus. The forum was completely transformed with a 360 degree stage taking the spotlight. We were very lucky to be seated in the platinum section, just close enough to touch the performers which made my experience all the more exceptional.

In true circus style, the show opened up with a clown, engaging with the
audience while the performers prepared for their entrance. A giant white curtain dropped from the ceiling, the music took a darker twist and the lights started to dim. In a flash, the entire troupe appeared, dressed in white. The
first act was an aerial hoop acrobat who wowed the audience with her flexibility, strength and stamina while being suspended on the hoop.  The next few act was a contortionist who was the most flexible person I have ever seen in my life, almost spineless.

20160317_211534  20160317_212004

The show took a more passionate side with the signal of red costumes which featured a skating duo spinning one another at the speed of light, an acrobatic duo mastering a head and shoulder balance act, and a series of spectacular aerial stunts, suspended high above the audience; showcasing the perfection of strength, balance and above all, complete trust.

For the grand finale, the Colombian Wheel of Death took everyone’s breath away and took a much darker side. Known as one of the most complex circus stunts across the globe, this act involved two acrobats performing very risky stunts on a pair of spinning wheels, rotating in suspension above the crowd. The audience was left both breathless and speechless as Le Noir has fulfilled every promise of taking performances to the next level, offering a simply incredible show.

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Please have a look at all the photos and videos by clicking here, as words fail to express how simply surreal this show is!

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