Today’s postcard comes to you from Abu Dhabi, the land of glitter and gold! The past days have gone by in the blink of an eye and I still get goosebumps when I think of the journey I took, on that last day of 2015 … to where I am now. My family and I spent the most cherished and loving 3 days together and there is no price tag on that.

Now that I am slowly coming to my senses, I feel as if I have teleported and those 7 months away from Abu Dhabi seem soooo far away. While I value my break in Serbia so much and would never change it – I feel as if I never left Abu Dhabi! The city has transformed in those months, however my butterflies are still the same as they were when I first landed here 5 years ago. In the early morning hours of my flight, when the sun started to rise giving light to the earth below, I caught a glimpse of the city and my butterflies multiplied! The combination of seeing my family again, returning to a country I have grown to love so much, and the thought of starting my new job excited me.

Throughout all my travels and re-locations, I have never felt a stronger connection to a place, like I do with Abu Dhabi. The people who surround me play a very large part in that of course, however it is also the surrounding of the city and the systems. My family also feel a very strong attachment to this city and love to visit during the holidays – it has become a key in our global heart. My rejuvenation is officially complete and I am so ready for the next chapter of my life to begin. Stay tuned for more adventures from this fabulous desert pearl!