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20151031_135237_002What I love about Belgrade is how diverse it is, catering to every type of interest all year long.  If you enjoy culture, history, shopping, gastronomy, sightseeing – Belgrade has it all! Tonight’s postcard however explores a calmer part of Belgrade, an oasis of recreation and relaxation. Located on a small peninsula in the centre of the city, Ada Ciganlija is the largest urban sports and recreation centre. It is open all year long and offers every possible sporting activity including: football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, rock climbing and even bungee jumping!

Upon arrival to Ada, a collection of stone sculptures resembling Stonehenge will greet you. Known as the Gate of Belgrade, these sculptures are the creation of Ratko Vulanovic who has always had a passion for stones. Beyond the stones, a large lake surrounded by abundant greenery will catch your attention.

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During the summer months, Ada is the number one destination in Belgrade and is visited by more than 100,000 visitors every day. It’s 4.2 kilometres long lake is the main attraction for those wishing to cool off from the summer sun; while for the more active, a range of water sports are available including: kayaking and water ski. Ada Ciganlia holds a Blue Flag classification, so rest assured the water is up to the highest quality and safety.

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Diverse cafes are dotted along the promenade and are open all day long where visitors can recharge their batteries. During the summer nights, these cafes turn into hip nightclubs – a favourite for Belgradians. Ada offers entertainment for the children as well with its exciting edition of Robinson’s Island which offers live shows and an interactive playground.

I recently spent an afternoon biking throughout the vast promenade which encircles the complex. Surrounded by beautiful shades and colours of trees, I felt as if I was transported out of the city to a lush forest. The fresh air mixed with scents of nature, and the beauty of the sunny blue skies, formed a perfect partnership – just what I needed to relax.20151031_132252

As we are approaching the cool winter months, Ada transforms into the
largest outdoor ice skating rink spanning more than 800 metres. Pair this with a delicious hot chocolate and you have the recipe for a fun winter day!

Visit Information:


  • Bicycle & Rollerblade Rental: 200 dinars per hour
  • Bungee jumping: 3,500 dinars
  • Paintball: 1,200 dinars



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