Discover Germany | Berlin Part 2

M+J with the hipposThe second postcard from Berlin features our incredible Friday afternoon spent all over Berlin with very distinctive highlights (hence the title). The first one – afternoon at the Berlin Zoo. Wearing my lace inspired shorts, white top, sun hat and of course sunscreen (30SPF) we agreed it would be best to spend the hot day in the Zoo covered by trees and admiring the animals in their habitats. So what’s so special about this Zoo? Well  Berlin Zoological Garden is the oldest and best known zoo in Germany which opened in 1844. It is located in the Tiergarten (Berlin’s Central Park) and hosts almost 20,500 animals. It was completely destroyed during WWII with only a few animals surviving and it was the home of Knut the cute polar bear, born in captivity, rejected by his mother after birth, and raised by the zookeepers <3.

Jasmin and I both love animals so we were extremely fascinated by all the enclosures- however as it was an incredibly hot day, they were all in a form of heat coma. The highlight of the visit was definitely the hippo house where you can admire the gentle creatures from only a glass as separation. We also were right on time for their feeding schedule 🙂

After roaming around we just had to take a break, conveniently it was in the monkey house. At this point, there was only a small one curled up in an extensive yoga pose, so my dearest friend thought it was a good idea that we meditate for 5 minutes. She pulled our her phone and opened an app which instructed us to close our eyes, place our hands on our belly and focus on our breath. We were so deep in meditation for those short 5 minutes that I actually was 1 second away from falling asleep – and would have, if it weren’t for a large group of children passing by. However this meditation worked – we were both re-energized, even the monkey started prancing around his cage!

At the end of our visit we were completely famished so Jasmin suggested an authentic Berliner curry wurst – well how could I say no to that! We took the bus to Kurfursdam Street, hit a curry wurst joint and enjoyed every last bite of it- after 5 hours of walking we deserved it, don’t you think?20150703_175733-1

We then agreed to go to the InterContinental Berlin for drinks at Marlene Bar (dedicated to the actress Marlene Dietrich) however after our afternoon at the Zoo, we were in need of a small make over. So we headed to KaDeWe – Berlin’s version of Sak’s Fifth Avenue and were directly approached by representatives from Cutifem Cosmetics. While Jasmin was already a fan of their “Touch of Luxor” eyebrow and eyelid powder, I was intrigued as well as I need a bit of help with my brows. A few minutes later, we were both “uplifted” with the only thing missing: perfume. Jasmin’s choice was Si by Giorgio Armani, deep and sensual while I opted for Blooming Bouquet by Miss Dior, light and floral.  We were ready! Can you notice the difference below (perhaps a bit too bold…).


A short bus ride later, we arrived. As any hotelier will attest – hotels are simply intriguing, whether you are working in one or simply staying in one. InterContinental Berlin is located conveniently on Budapest Street and once I saw the logo of the hotel, I felt a bit of nostalgia. We selected a “Marlene’s Bellini” as our cocktail option which is made with peach puree, peach liqueur, and sparkling wine – the perfect sun-downer drink. I was impressed that the condiments (which usually include only olives or nuts), included pork salami, olives and a crispy cracker assortment. For any F&B expert – this is definitely a plus 🙂  20150703_194538-1

We decided to walk home, rest a bit and then plan the rest of our night out – it was after all, the start of the weekend! After a refreshing shower, we somehow experienced a decline of energy so we opted for a movie night night instead. Sparkling wine, freshly popped popcorn and Jude Law – yes, this is our favourite activity.  20150703_233757

For all photos from our adventures, click here!

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