What is it about the weather that affects humans so much… or I am a special case? Whenever it is rainy and gloomy all I want to do is snuggle in my cozy blanket while sipping tea and watching movies all day – not to mention no energy! And when the sun is out, I am doing my happy dance and can’t seem to sit for one second!

While I do love the rain and the fresh air which has swept across Europe this week after leaving the dusty heat of Abu Dhabi, it really got me to thinking – how can we allow something as simple as the weather to affect our moods so severely. I mean surely we can put on that gorgeous trench, rain boots, cute umbrella and parade around town – then again, we would be the only ones because everyone is hiding in the cafes! And yet, in the sunshine, the city is so congested we can barely make it into the bus.
During this past week, I have spent a lot of time thinking about positivity and finding the power/ motivation to see the sunshine even on a rainy day. So here is my newly created “When it gets gloomy” survival list:

1. Dance– turn on the radio and dance – this will instantly make you feel great. Exercise increases our endorphins and encourages serotonin in our system – which is the “happy hormone”. Have you heard “Ebony Eyes” by Sean Paul? It instantly makes me drop everything and dance!

2. ConnectΒ – if you live with someone or have a pet this is perfect – connect with another form of life and you will instantly feel better. If you are alone, call someone – perhaps have a skype date with your friend whom you haven’t heard from in ages. Thanks to social media, we are never really alone anymore – how comforting πŸ™‚

3. Watch a funny movie – my personal favourite for a rainy day is Grease (who doesn’t love John Travolta in skinny jeans anyway) – and the music is so energetic you can’t help but sing a long!

4. Board games – be honest, how many of you actually still play board games or make puzzles? Time to re-connect with your childhood! (Note to mum: did you find all of our board games which we discussed last week???)

5. Spa Day – and I’m talking about home spa. This is the perfect time to touch up on your mani/pedi, to exfoliate your pores, and put on that mask – summer is around the corner after all! My current favourite for the face and neck are Korean masks by The Face Shop, while for my hair, a simple DIY consisting of 1 egg yolk and a bit of coconut oil. Hello gorgeous soft hair and skin! πŸ™‚

6. Bake – there is nothing better than the smell of those delicious cupcakes coming out of the oven to warm up the house and mood. Check out my expert friend Natascha’s blog for beautiful cupcakes!

7. Spring cleaning – yes absolutely do this on a rainy day when you can try all of those clothes and get rid of what you don’t need. Better to spend a rainy day in doing that necessary task, rather than wasting a sunny one. Besides, trying on that sexy dress while surely make you feel better rather than sitting in pj’s all day.

8. Plan your next trip – exploring new destinations and getting lost in all the adventures while absolutely uplift your mood instantly. Just thinking about my Berlin trip coming up makes me scream!

9. Get creative – this is the best time to catch up on your scrapbook project or any other DIY ideas you have been putting off.

10. And absolutely DO NOT sit on the couch and reflect on your life – better do this on a sunny day when all you see around you, is positivity and gratitude.

Here I am in Sun Warrior and Tree pose so grateful for the sunshine.

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