I was very lucky to spend the weekend with Emily and my fabulous brother Milan who flew all the way from Abu Dhabi just for 2 days. Saturday morning kicked off with Milan making us his breakfast specialty: pancakes (he is the pancake master after all)! We wanted to spend a lovely day out of the house as the weather was perfect, so we immediately went on Tripadvisor for some ideas and found out about the Museum of Yugoslav History.

The Museum is located in the fabulous part of Belgrade called Topcider and is surrounded by lush greenery and the Hyde Park. After looking for suitable parking (because the GPS does not assist in this way!), we finally arrived to the museum.

The museum, which focuses on the socialist period of Yugoslavia actually consists of three venues: May 25th Museum, House of Flowers, and the Old Museum, all of which are located on the official residence complex of Josip Broz Tito (lifelong President of Yugoslavia).

The May 25th Museum showcases a lot of art and sculptures as well as monumental gift batons which Tito received from all of delegations around the world.

The House of Flowers (which currently hosts an exhibition about Tito’s life, is also his final resting place, located right next to his wife). We were intrigued by the number of memorials and the testimonials which were written by people from around the world; it is extremely evident how much he was loved and respected.

The Old Museum was closed for renovation, however we did enjoy the Sculpture Park which is adorned by a number of sculptures, which were gifts to Tito.

I would highly recommend a visit to this museum as it really showcases an important era in Serbian political history.

Museum of Yugoslav History is located in: Boticeva 6, Belgrade

Telephone: +381 11 367 14 85

Website: http://www.mij.rs


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