I’ve been shopping all my life, and still have nothing to wear. (said every woman in the world)

Precisely  correct, which is why I spent all afternoon doing what every woman lives for. Passing through the city centre I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of Belgrade’s architecture and green parks.

20150616_140855 20150616_140823

I headed to the shopping district of Bulevar which is a dotted with boutiques and cafes, the perfect place to spend a day of shopping and suitable for every budget. I couldn’t resist the Pandora shop which had the cutest little bow at the entrance – only looking this time…

20150616_141740-1 20150616_152924

20150616_152413   20150616_143212

Summer in Belgrade can be extra sticky so I was in search of a dress: cotton fabric, eccentric design and light weight. And that is exactly what I found in Pro Piu Grande. Dresses of all designs and shapes, but one thing for sure, 100% cotton and lightweight! I found two which definitely fit my criteria and I fell especially in love with the floral design (thinking ahead of my Berlin trip which is coming up; after all Berlin is the city of design!). Success!

2015-06-16_18.43.15            2015-06-16 18.39.49

Famished from walking and trying dresses on, I headed back to the city and went straight to Vapiano for a light Italian lunch.  Waiting in line until it was my turn, there must have been something written on my forehead which said: FOREIGNER because the cute little chef across the counter asked me in English what I would like to have. Like on autopilot I responded “scampi spinacci please” and he smiled. I wasn’t sure what was more shocking, the fact that I looked like a complete stranger, or the fact that in that second I couldn’t answer him in Serbian. He kept asking me if I wanted any additions, bread, dessert – it was kind of cute as he was obviously trying to engage in conversation with me …. or wait was he trying to up sell???? Regardless, I smiled, walked away and enjoyed a delicious Italian lunch al fresco. Simple pleasures. <3