My friend Jelisaveta and I decided to check out the dining scene in Belgrade’s trendiest new spot called Beton Hala. The converted strip was an old warehouse located on Belgrade’s port overlooking the glimmering river Sava and is now home to 6 diverse restaurants featuring cuisines from around the globe.

As we made our way across the busy city, walking past the historical Kalemegdan park we arrived to the sunny strip. With options of Italian, Asian, European, a Jazz wine bar, Mexican and Latin, we opted for Toro, the Latin Gastrobar.

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The restaurant is seated on two levels and features a lot of detailed designs as well as a mixture of different colours and furniture. The interior of the restaurant features an open kitchen oozing with exotic aromas while the upstairs level is more sophisticated and perfect for an intimate soiree. The vibe of the restaurant is very lively and busy, not to mention the sounds of various Latin rhythms.

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We sat outside taking in the summer sun and stunning view of the river  however to our disappointment the service was quite mediocre. We asked for the menu countless times and the waitress continued to neglect us until we finally asked a manager to assist us.

Jelisaveta opted for the tuna tartar served in hard shell tacos flavoured with pastilla, mango sauce and guacamole,  while I opted for sushi with deep friend shrimp and a Latin twist.



Once the food arrived we were very impressive with the explosive flavours and although the portions were quite small, they were satisfying. Our bill came out to 20 euro in total including our non alcoholic berry drinks.

After our late lunch/ early dinner we decided to stroll along the quay taking in the beauty of the river while enjoying the last bit of heat before the cool mist of the evening started. I was very impressed at how much Belgrade has developed over the years and couldn’t help taking a few photos of the historic city.

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Making our way towards the bridge which would take us back to the city centre we walked into the elevator and to our surprise the elevator “captain” shouted at Jelisaveta saying excuse me but let the bicycles in first. Not only were we horrified, but extremely offended – we were girls, if anything they should have let us in first! A few seconds later we were on top of the bridge lashing out our disgust for the lack of chivalry however were silenced by the stunning view of our city. Walking back to the city centre, we admired the architecture and fell back in love with Belgrade all over again.

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